The Time is Now

I woke up yesterday morning feeling really good after deciding to take a few hours the night before to pamper myself a little. Don’t get me wrong, I maintain myself; however, I rarely take the time to do the extras.. like a rejuvenating Dead Sea face mask, for example. I try not to get so caught up on the physical, and unless I’m going on a special date or something of the sorts, I tend to spend a great deal of time rocking out in oversized hoodies, standard black leggings and some sort of top knot. I just couldn’t be bothered to waste precious time on detail, tending to lean more to the side of comfort and convenience instead. But, that’s not to say that deep down, a girl doesn’t like to feel good!

After dying my hair two nights ago (thus showering also), it felt refreshing to roll out of bed, go about my morning, and get ready to go out of town with my parents without the stress of never being ready for anything directly upon invitation. I’m a huge procrastinator in certain areas of my life. And being the epitome of an introvert, I tend to enjoy lounging around in my pyjamas and messy bun with absolutely no intentions on doing anything other than reading, writing and reflecting, and drinking copious amounts of coffee and herbal tea while potentially cuddling the pets. There’s just something extra cozy and appealing about those days when you don’t.. ‘get ready’. It’s actually a huge problem. It’s a stressor when it comes to having, or actually wanting, to leave the house and, you know, co-exist within society.

The other day, I was doing what I do best—thinking—and I was reminded of the urgency of readiness. I thought about the how we know not the day nor the hour, and like the guests at the wedding banquet, if we aren’t prepared when Jesus comes, we don’t have the privilege of going with Him. It was in this moment that God revealed a flaw of mine, and showed me that I need to start taking the time to properly prepare for each day beyond my selfish desire to lounge around with my inner most self, unprepared for any invitation to leave the house that may come. Upon plan making or invitation, this leads to so much unnecessary stress. Especially if it’s already the middle of the day and everything has to hold for me to prepare. If I’m being honest, it causes tension with others. And you know what? I really don’t blame others for their annoyance. At all. I’ve come to realize that this is a flaw of mine that needs attention and improvement.

When Jesus comes, He does not wait for the unprepared. His time of waiting is now, while we are still being graced with time on earth to prepare. As the ol’ cliché goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If I lounge around in last nights pyjamas all day, I won’t be ready when the time comes to leave the house, and with much stress. If I get up and take the time to prepare for the day, I lose the pleasure I love so much. But life isn’t always about pleasure, is it? One of the Devil’s favourite tactics is to deceive us into thinking there’s always more time. Perhaps today there is, but what about tomorrow? He loves a good war within. People lusting after what they want, and not being disciplined in doing the better that they know. Inner-peace is something Satan does not want us to have. And any way possible to steal it away, he’s there for it.

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